Avast Antivirus – Review

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On this Avast Antivirus review we will show some of the pros and cons about this well-known antivirus which is currently available for Windows 10 and older Windows versions going as far as the Windows XP SP3 version.
Avast Antivirus is one of the best antiviruses that you can keep permanently free, there is no end of the trial version. However, you will sometimes get pop up messages on your computer making you an upgrade offer but you will not see them often so it doesn’t feel annoying. In fact, they have removed this on one of their latest updates, but we believe it will be a temporal thing.The fact that Avast Antivirus has been specifically design for Windows has many benefits because it aims to defend the user from viruses that target Windows operating systems, which are the main majority of the virus out there.
Without the paid version you will mostly get basic protection but if you go for the paid version there is a great variety of useful features you will unlock, such as automatically detecting falsified websites which try to steal your login credentials from the legit real website they cloned, or preventing hackers from seeing your web cam through malware programs and such.
The Avast Antivirus shows a beautifully designed interface which is very easy to use and completely beginner friendly. From the interface you can go on four different menus: Status, Protection, Privacy and Performance, in order. This is specially good because Avast Antivirus doesn’t only help you stay secured and protected against viruses and hackers but also helps you improve the overall speed of your computer by using different methods such as removing system junkjunk programs and notify you about programs which are significantly slowing down your PC. 
Many users think of Avast Antivirus as one of the easiest and most efficient free antivirus in the market, and this is for a good reason. It works very well, it works fast and doesn’t require of any great knowledge to use it: anyone with basic computer knowledge can easily use it.Avast Antivirus has an internal database that gets constantly updated in order to protect you from the latest threats, so you don’t have to worry about any recently discovered security vulnerabilities on Windows operating systems. 
However, it takes some time by the Avast Antivirus developers to release fixes to security holes, so you should still be careful.
One of the cons of Avast Antivirus its his popularity about false positives. Often if you are downloading unofficial type of software such as torrent programs, you might often get a virus alert when in reality there is no virus. However, the majority of the times its right when it tells you that there is a virus so don’t assume every torrent you might download is simply giving fake positives.
We hope to have helped you decide on this Avast Antivirus review if you want to give it a try or simply forget about it. Honestly, we would give them a try specially if you are planning to stay with a free antivirus!